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Falling In

  Falling in is frightening. Why else would we protect ourselves so dearly from it? It’s certainly not hard to do, a simple surrender of everything that ever was, a raw and rare willingness to stand in the nakedness of now. It’s Nirvana that resides right beneath the nose; a sweet stumble into grace accessed by breath and curiosity. Sounds …

Maureen MuldoonFalling In
There is no pissing section in the pool. (2)

ACIM Lesson 126 All that I give is given to myself.

  Today on Miracles Live 365, we were covering lesson 126 from A Course In Miracles. All that I give is given to myself. On the call, one of the wise woman remind us of the old schoolyard warning about watching your words… I am paper you are glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks on to you. …

Maureen MuldoonACIM Lesson 126 All that I give is given to myself.
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How I landed in Maximum Security

I closed my eyes, took a breath and heard the words, “Welcome to maximum security.” This announcement was a bit shocking though,  I should be used to it. My Divine has an interesting sense of humor. See I wasn’t entering a prison, I was beginning a meditation. I’ve had a few friends tell me stories of prison and their time spent in …

Maureen MuldoonHow I landed in Maximum Security

Two Steps to Forgiveness

There are two steps to forgiveness. Simple steps but not necessarily easy. Still it’s worth the effort. Holding on to grievances and un-forgiveness will hold you back from being, seeing and freeing love. When you are not in love with your live it is like wearing cement shoes. If you are ready to live then it’s time you forgive. Take …

Maureen MuldoonTwo Steps to Forgiveness

Mother’s Day a Call for Self Love.

It’s Mother’s Day, and doesn’t that bring up a whole bouquet of barbwire? We have all had mothers, and, at times, she has really been a MOTHER. The truth is, we may not have gotten the mother we wanted, but we got the mother we needed. It’s also funny to note that, as mothers, like most drivers, we all think …

Maureen MuldoonMother’s Day a Call for Self Love.

Practice Makes Perfect

I am the queen of dumb questions. It’s just a gift and I am at peace with it. I once asked Marianne Williamson what her spiritual practice was. No kidding. It was in the midst of the Q&A portion of a workshop. She just looked back at me blankly as the rest of the room of ‘way showers’  turn to stare …

Maureen MuldoonPractice Makes Perfect