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Come Home For Christmas

  I’ll be home for Christ-mas is one of those songs that can stir the heart and gently awaken the inner prodigal daughter who longs to be reunited. We stubble through relationships and classrooms and programs hoping to find our way home. It’s surprising when we come to find we had the power all along. The feeling of being home …

Maureen MuldoonCome Home For Christmas
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How I landed in Maximum Security

I closed my eyes, took a breath and heard the words, “Welcome to maximum security.” This announcement was a bit shocking though,  I should be used to it. My Divine has an interesting sense of humor. See I wasn’t entering a prison, I was beginning a meditation. I’ve had a few friends tell me stories of prison and their time spent in …

Maureen MuldoonHow I landed in Maximum Security
Maurren and Rose

What are you delivering?

This story came up this morning when a friend asked me to share something unique about myself… I once delivered my own baby! No kidding. It was my fourth birth and when it came time to push the midwife said, “reach down and grab your baby.” I did as instructed. When she presented me with the birth certificate she had …

Maureen MuldoonWhat are you delivering?

Practice Makes Perfect

I am the queen of dumb questions. It’s just a gift and I am at peace with it. I once asked Marianne Williamson what her spiritual practice was. No kidding. It was in the midst of the Q&A portion of a workshop. She just looked back at me blankly as the rest of the room of ‘way showers’  turn to stare …

Maureen MuldoonPractice Makes Perfect

The Pause

The Pause By Maureen Muldoon   What makes a good actor… what makes a good life is the determination to not have it all run together. The faith and reserve not to rush and the deliberate dedication to pause. In this human condition in this moment called “now”… in this adaptation of life.   It’s a dream, you know- an …

Maureen MuldoonThe Pause