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America My Valentine

Maureen Muldoon   If I tell you of my heart I should tell you of my home and the And the places I have lived and the land that I have roamed. As a child, as a gypsy, as a tramp and then a thief. It’s the truth I’ll be confessing in the hopes of some relief.   See my …

Maureen MuldoonAmerica My Valentine

Time To Play The Queen

MAD RAMBLE: I was raised with five older sisters. It was like living in a sorority house. The drama, the wisdom, the laughter, the courage, the heartbreak painted the walls of our home. The halls of our house echoed with poetry and passion, stories, gossip, urban legends, and singing. There is something magical about hanging with the girls. Yesterday was …

Maureen MuldoonTime To Play The Queen

One More Time

My son, Rhine is playing a song on his ukulele, it’s about the eighteenth time and although I might be getting a little sick of the “one-hit-wonder”, I have also been noticing the subtle improvements, the expansion in confidence and the early seedlings of mastery coming alive. Witnessing this is what I live for. The simple success tool of  “practice makes perfect”. One of my …

Maureen MuldoonOne More Time
Wishing you well

Be Still and Know God In All Things.

We don’t doubt that the tree is in the seed or the juice is in the orange but when it comes to our true heart’s desire, we have a way of saying, “This is not right! It looks weird.” God likes to evolve. We see transformation and evolution in all things and we accept them where they seem acceptable. Only …

Maureen MuldoonBe Still and Know God In All Things.
Self Care 30 day challenge (28)

Invest in YOU.

Investing in yourself is not something you hear every day. But it should be. You are your greatest asset! Expanding your knowledge, honing your talents, caring for your body, improving yourself in any way will pay huge returns. You teach the world how to treat you. That’s why it is so important to get intimate with your gifts, what you …

Maureen MuldoonInvest in YOU.

My Body, my business, my happiness.

Today I am going to Bedhead Boudoir to get my picture taken for the cover of my book. I am so happy that I made this investment in myself and my business. Being a Spiritual Vixen is all about showing up, speaking the truth, paying attention, loving like crazy and expressing unconditional happiness. So today I will be showing up, …

Maureen MuldoonMy Body, my business, my happiness.

Leave Your Mark

Blog Challenge for February 24th – March 25th I have been spending days in the hospital with my mother-in-law. In her heyday, she was a writer and newspaper owner. Two weeks ago she had a stroke and now she is not able to hold a pen and has no interest in writing. I’ve been reading to her from a fat …

Maureen MuldoonLeave Your Mark

The Art of The Decision

  Making up your mind, decided on something, it’s not always easy. When you say, “yes” to one thing you say, “no” to a million other options. Add that math to the new epidemic of FOMO (fear of missing out) and we find ourself either spread too thin or in the painful position of stagnation and riding the fence. Why is all of …

Maureen MuldoonThe Art of The Decision
SV dragonfly

The dragonfly is a beautiful, powerful and complicated creature. Like an actual mythological dragon, I can’t help but imagine that dragonflies carry the energy of fire. They don’t flutter or float like the butterfly, but rather zips and hover in an almost alien type way. When Dragonfly shows up, she causes a stir of intrigue and awe that sets people still. …

Maureen Muldoon
Self Care 30 day challenge (21)

Maureen Muldoon