What He Thinks About

Will Schaub texted me a request to take a picture of the old California Pepper tree that we planted in our yard many years ago. “I’ve always wondered if that little tree that I planted next to the lamp post ever grew up.” I smiled at the text and thought, “this is what he thinks about.” This concern and wonder …

Maureen MuldoonWhat He Thinks About
Sunflower Moe


Out there unfurling, and unfolding, and whipping the world into a frenzy. Each year at this time Mother Nature performs a splashy, sacred, pole dance that stands me still in admiration. Where did all of this beauty come from? Where was all this hidden? Overnight the world has been draped in color and my prayers get boiled down to one …

Maureen MuldoonSpring

Course In Creating

  I wanted to share something with you. A passion project that I have been working on and really excited about. It’s a virtual course on CREATING. Creating is my favorite and the springboard for MIRACLES.   The course is called: “The Spiritual Vixen’s Course in Creating “. Essentially it is about living God’s dream for you. God’s desire for …

Maureen MuldoonCourse In Creating
A good hug is like a song in a musical. It takes over where words leave off.


Hugging is funny.  It’s an interesting and intimate act that can sometimes cause social discomfort. This past week I witnessed two men have a heart-to-heart conversation. It was beyond beautiful. At the end, one said to the other, “This is corny, but do you want to hug it out.” And then they did. The next day I was on the …

Maureen MuldoonHugging

Heaven On Earth

Our mother made sure we could swim. Taking us to the public pool and standing poolside with the other moms as my seven siblings and I kicked, blew bubbles and learned to tread water. These classes ensured that we all would not drown during our yearly two-week vacation at the Jersey shore. It was thanks to these classes that I got …

Maureen MuldoonHeaven On Earth

How to Be Majestic

Move Authoritatively Joyfully Expressing Scared Truths In Community   Maureen Muldoon is The Spiritual Vixen, a happiness Pied Piper, intuitive vision caster, fearless activist, writer, speaker, storyteller and thought leader. She is the spiritual director of SpeakEasy Spiritual Community and creative director of Voice Box. She hosts conversations that inspire individuals and organizations to get on course with their own brilliance. She blogs …

Maureen MuldoonHow to Be Majestic
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America My Valentine

Maureen Muldoon   If I tell you of my heart I should tell you of my home and the And the places I have lived and the land that I have roamed. As a child, as a gypsy, as a tramp and then a thief. It’s the truth I’ll be confessing in the hopes of some relief.   See my …

Maureen MuldoonAmerica My Valentine

Time To Play The Queen

MAD RAMBLE: I was raised with five older sisters. It was like living in a sorority house. The drama, the wisdom, the laughter, the courage, the heartbreak painted the walls of our home. The halls of our house echoed with poetry and passion, stories, gossip, urban legends, and singing. There is something magical about hanging with the girls. Yesterday was …

Maureen MuldoonTime To Play The Queen

One More Time

My son, Rhine is playing a song on his ukulele, it’s about the eighteenth time and although I might be getting a little sick of the “one-hit-wonder”, I have also been noticing the subtle improvements, the expansion in confidence and the early seedlings of mastery coming alive. Witnessing this is what I live for. The simple success tool of  “practice makes perfect”. One of my …

Maureen MuldoonOne More Time
Wishing you well

Be Still and Know God In All Things.

We don’t doubt that the tree is in the seed or the juice is in the orange but when it comes to our true heart’s desire, we have a way of saying, “This is not right! It looks weird.” God likes to evolve. We see transformation and evolution in all things and we accept them where they seem acceptable. Only …

Maureen MuldoonBe Still and Know God In All Things.