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Fly Away With Us to Where Dullness Turns into Creativity

In the midst of these shifting times, taking a spiritual retreat can be the difference between being available for life or being totally overwhelmed by it. Taking a spiritual retreat can be the springboard to a deeper connection with nature, with your purpose, and with your soul. It’s the rare opportunity that we give ourselves to recharge and rejuvenate and …

Maureen MuldoonFly Away With Us to Where Dullness Turns into Creativity


  You are created to create. This is a simple statement of a simple truth. You, my dear, are entitled to know and claim yourself as a creatrix*.  It is your title and so you must embrace this entitlement with every cell of your blessed being. However, “entitlement” can feel inauthentic. It brings to mind the smug turned up collars of …

Maureen MuldoonEntitlement

Q & A Monday How to Heal Lack Consciousness

  QUESTION: Your sentence «If Love (God) is your goal you can not fail. There is no lack in God.» touched me. If that is true – and a part of me knows – which part of me, does do not believe in? Cause I am experiencing abundance in many aspects of my life, but in money…. aj, I am THE …

Maureen MuldoonQ & A Monday How to Heal Lack Consciousness
My happy place

Second Hand Rose!

As a kid, back before Madonna and Boy George made it look cool, second-hand shopping carried some stigma and even some shame. It made no sense to me. Being the youngest of six girls, everything I wore was second hand anyhow! Actually more like third, fourth and fifth hand. I loved getting my sister’s hand-me-downs and so shopping in resale …

Maureen MuldoonSecond Hand Rose!

Move From Fear to Action

This past week on our Miracle LIVE 365 calls Christine gave us a GREAT tool called, “face it, embrace it, erase it.” I would add one more step; Replace IT!  Here is a little video on how to use the tool to walk your sweet tuchus right out of hell. We are not alone. We are at choice. We can …

Maureen MuldoonMove From Fear to Action

ACIM Conference in San Francisco

We Are Going To Need A Great Escape Into Love We are living in some crazy times where loving more and fearing less is really being put to the test. But I want to share something with you. I have found a way to rise above the current events and live anchored in peace, happiness, and helpfulness. It all began …

Maureen MuldoonACIM Conference in San Francisco

Push Past and Love More

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for …

Maureen MuldoonPush Past and Love More
Sunflowers & Moe

On Jesus and A Course In Miracles

LOVE MORE. A very simple concept, two words, hard to confuse. But the ego’s goal is to take the simple and fracture it beyond recognition. The ego takes its job seriously and is nothing if not consistent. This is how we have come to a time where there are a million messiahs all pointing in opposing directions. From leading scholar …

Maureen MuldoonOn Jesus and A Course In Miracles

A Weekend Of Freedom

This Fall I have the absolute privilege to be a part of an incredible collaboration of Miracle workers. My dear friendsDove Fishman, Jon Mundy, Regina Dawn Akers, John Mark Stroud, Jennifer Hadley, Lorri Coburn & Donna Marie Cary are joining to create a transformational retreat filled with miracles. Let this place be a chance for miracles in the lives of …

Maureen MuldoonA Weekend Of Freedom
Sunflower Moe

Falling In

  Falling in is frightening. Why else would we protect ourselves so dearly from it? It’s certainly not hard to do, a simple surrender of everything that ever was, a raw and rare willingness to stand in the nakedness of now. It’s Nirvana that resides right beneath the nose; a sweet stumble into grace accessed by breath and curiosity. Sounds …

Maureen MuldoonFalling In